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February 2022
Doctor, Nutritionist or Personal Trainer: Which Professional Should You Choose To Help You Lose Weight?

We know that losing weight is difficult, and that it is easy to put the weight back on afterwards, even if you try to be careful. This is because of the many factors — biological and environmental — that encourage us to eat more, if food is available. Recent surveys suggests that more and more people are now seeking the help of healthcare professionals specialised in weight loss to help them achieve long-lasting results.

There are many reasons why it's important to enlist professional help, not least of which is to design a carefully tailored plan that allows you to deal with sugar cravings on a Keto diet, and to lose fat without losing muscle. Many dieters struggle to calculate their macros (protein, fat and carbs) according to their own body fat percentage, and risk shedding scale weight but no inches around the waist. A professional can help you optimise weight loss to get the best results!

So, who is best placed to help you? Considering what we have just said about the biological and environmental factors, overweight and obesity are clearly multifactorial conditions, so a multidisciplinary approach is best, with input from medical, nutritional and lifestyle specialists. The answer to the question “Which professional can help me lose weight?" is therefore “All of them, working together”.

At PronoKal, we are committed to a multidisciplinary team approach to treat problems of excess weight. Our treatments are supervised by both a doctor and a nutritionist, and we have experts in coaching and in physical activity and exercise to complete the range of support that most benefits our patients. Our Team will follow you throughout your weight loss journey and beyond, helping to ensure you achieve your target and do not put the weight back on.

A High Protein and Low Carb Diet For Weight Loss

The PronoKal PnK Method uses a ketogenic diet, which will change your body from burning carbohydrates (sugars) to burning fat. The advantages of this type of diet are that it reduces hunger and helps you feel good during weight loss, and that it will improve the metabolic and hormonal status of the body. In addition, the diet is very low in calories, allowing you to lose weight quickly. This does means that special care must be taken to ensure the diet is healthy and that you receive all the essential nutrients your body requires, hence the inclusion of a doctor on the Team.

After making sure it is safe for you to do the diet, the doctor will prescribe the treatment and will set your goals and personalise the treatment to suit your individual needs. Our nutritionists then become involved to provide you with the appropriate PronoKal meals and supplementation to achieve rapid, quality weight loss. By “quality weight loss”, we mean that you lose fat, not muscle.

The PnK Method includes a progressive exercise regimen as an essential part of the weight loss process. Exercise promotes health and favours muscle development – muscle burns calories 24 hours a day, not just when exercising, so better muscle maintenance will make it easier to lose weight and avoid weight regain. A balance of aerobic and resistance exercise is used, according to the stage of the diet. Because overweight and obesity can make exercise difficult, we have a personal trainer who is there to help you do the exercises safely and effectively. We recommend all those who are interested in beginning their Keto journey to read more about the importance of exercise alongside the Keto diet.

As you progress along your weight loss journey, you will receive advice about lifestyle habits for you to integrate in your daily routine. Afterwards, these habits are going to help you maintain a stable weight and avoid weight regain. As you approach your target weight, the Team will guide you towards a healthy, sustainable diet that you will be able to enjoy in the long term and that will serve both to maintain a stable weight and to further reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Each member of the Team plays a vital role in your motivation to achieve your goal. Our nutritionists have been specifically trained in motivational coaching and they use their knowledge and experience to help you stay on track, not only during weight loss, but also in our unique and free long-term follow-up. Add to that the rapid weight loss without hunger, achieved through the very low calorie keto diet, and motivation can be kept high throughout the process, giving you every chance to reach your target weight and then keep the weight off.

Our Keto diet plan is balanced and sustainable, and we have clearly marked out our 7 simple steps to Keto weight loss and maintenance success.

If you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, call the PronoKal Multidisciplinary Team now on 0207 183 2391 or visit our website at www.pronokal.co.uk and request your free information call. You can also download our brand new eBook guide, How To Lose Weight In 90 Days here.

Image Source: Pixabay