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March 2022
Keto Nutritionists Supporting You On The Road To Recovery

The very low-carb diet Keto diet is effective in helping people lose weight and serves to address a range of health conditions. It can also be used to help individuals lose weight before surgery, with the possibility of a better postop recovery and feeling better overall. However, most people struggle to maintain a low-carbohydrate diet. This is why it is vital to engage with Keto nutritionists and lifestyle coaches to achieve your Keto goals.

Keto Diet and Weight Loss

There are numerous ways a Ketogenic diet can aid in weight loss:

1) Correct protein consumption. Many of the weight loss benefits of the Ketogenic diet come from ensuring a correct protein intake, which preserves muscle and thus enables your body to burn fat more quickly.

2) Gluconeogenesis. Carbohydrates can be made in the body by the conversion of protein and other molecules into glucose (sugar). This provides carbohydrates when they are not available in the diet and is one of the underlying processes that makes ketosis safe. It also explains why a correct protein intake is needed to protect muscle.

3) Suppressing the urge to eat. Ketogenic diets aid in weight loss by making you feel full faster and for longer.

4) Enhanced insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity can be improved dramatically by Ketogenic diets. This helps optimise metabolism and the proportions of sugar and fat used for energy.

5) Reduced fat accumulation. Lipogenesis is the process of turning sugar into fat. Ketogenic diets reduce lipogenesis because of reduced carbohydrate intake and lower insulin levels.

6) Enhanced rate of lipid oxidation. Ketogenic diets activate the fat-burning systems in the body, increasing fat usage during rest, daily activities, and exercise.

The PronoKal Programme Explained

To get started, you'll need to see a doctor and have a blood test, among other things. The doctor will determine your nutritional requirements and, as this is a very low-calorie diet, they will make sure that there are no serious health issues that could be affected by the programme.

Once the doctor has given their approval, the Keto nutritionists will guide you through the programme. They will help you choose your protein-based PronoKal meals, ensure your correct vitamin and mineral supplementation, and advise on matters such as food allergies and special dietary requirements. You will also have access to the PronoKal personal trainer, who will be able to advise you on exercise during the programme.

Our meal products are made with various protein sources, including milk, egg, soy and pea proteins. These will provide you with all the protein your body needs. As you progress through the diet, the PronoKal products will gradually be replaced by protein foods (meat, fish, eggs, tofu). Then, when you reach your target weight, our nutritionists will help you develop a healthy, balanced diet, based on your tastes, that will help prevent weight regain, and they will stay in contact with you for a couple of years to ensure you stay in control.

Why Choose This Programme?

There are many advantages to this programme, including:

  • Rapid fat loss
  • Minimal muscle loss
  • Science-based programme
  • Medical supervision - so it's safe
  • Unlimited nutritional advice
  • Exercise programme
  • Learn along the way - about portion sizes, macronutrients, micronutrients, meal timing…
  • Long-lasting, sustainable new diet and lifestyle habits – and you won’t need to be afraid of social events; if you go to a party, you can still have fun, because we can help you cope with it.
  • Our products are great, and you can still eat with your family.

At PronoKal, we emphasise quality and fulfilment. PronoKal diet products have been created with your health in mind, so you get superior nutrition and advice from top Keto nutritionists. Get started with a supported keto diet plan today to find out how you can achieve your weight loss goals and attain a better feeling of wellness and confidence.

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